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A surgical technician is sometimes referred to as a surgical scrub technician or “scrub tech” by other medical staff. The scrub tech plays a critical role during surgical operations. The main goal of the scrub tech is to ensure that the surgery flows smoothly and that surgeons and nurses have quick access to the necessary tools for the surgery. Scrub techs are also responsible for sterilizing medical instruments to prevent infection and contamination by infectious disease. Scrub tech schools prepare students by helping them develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform these tasks.

Scrub Tech Training Overview

Becoming a scrub tech is a popular choice for students because training is generally short and condensed. Many scrub tech schools offer degree and certificate programs that allow students to get all the necessary training and hands on experience in a short period of time. Scrub tech training generally involves classes that cover the following topics:

  • Human anatomy and biology.
  • Medical terminology.
  • Sterilization techniques (asepsis).
  • Preventing and controlling infections.

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Scrub Tech Salary

Scrub Tech SalaryScrub tech schools allow students to quickly become eligible for jobs as a scrub technician. This occupation is considered by many hospitals as a low- to mid-level position and so the salary does not reflect the experience and education necessary by more advanced health care occupations, such as an EKG technician. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average scrub tech salary was $39,920 per year or about $19 per hour. For many people this is a great start to a career. Especially in a time when many jobs offer minimum wage or just slightly higher.

Scrub Tech Jobs

The BLS projects that scrub tech jobs in the U.S. will grow by 19%, creating nearly 18,000 new jobs. The first step to taking advantage of this excellent job opportunity is to find local scrub tech schools near you and enroll in a training program. You could be in a new medical career before you know it! Once you have completed training you can begin searching for scrub tech jobs on large job boards like

Scrub Tech Jobs

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