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Becoming a Surgical Techncian

Surgical technicians, often called “operating room technicians,” assist in operating room procedures. Surgical tech courses are short term and can help you begin working right away. Surgical technician jobs are growing faster than average and the future outlook is very good. Surgical Tech Courses The first step to becoming a surgical technician is to enroll […]

Phlebotomy Certification

A phlebotomist is a health professional that has been certified and trained in the process of extracting blood from patients and donors. Before you can begin working as a phlebotomist, you must complete the phlebotomy certification process. Phlebotomy training is short, pay is very competitive, and future job market is good. Today is the perfect […]

Nursing Assistant Programs Increasing in Popularity

The CNA (certified nursing assistant) is a low-level nursing professional.  Nurse assistants deliver basic nursing care to patients and residents that need assistance with regular activities.  Nurse assistants earn a decent salary.  The future job market for CNAs is very positive.  The process to get certified is fast and easy.  Some states won’t require certified […]

Surgical Technician Salary

A surgical technician, sometimes called a surgical technologist, is a medical professional that assists with surgical operations. Their main responsibility is to prepare operating rooms, organize and sanitize medical instruments, and help surgeons and nurses during an operation. Surgical technician salary is competitive and the future job growth for surgical technicians is positive. The first […]

Surgical Technician Programs

A surgical technician assists surgeons and other medical staff in operating rooms during surgical procedures. Their main job is to setup the operating room prior to surgery and ensure that everything flows smoothly during surgery. Students must complete a surgical technician training program from an accredited school before they are eligible for a job as […]

Scrub Tech Schools

A surgical technician is sometimes referred to as a surgical scrub technician or “scrub tech” by other medical staff. The scrub tech plays a critical role during surgical operations. The main goal of the scrub tech is to ensure that the surgery flows smoothly and that surgeons and nurses have quick access to the necessary […]

Surgical Scrub Technician

A surgical scrub technician is just another name for a surgical technician. The word “scrub” refers to how the technician ensures that all surgical instruments are sanitized and prepared for the surgeon before use. Most educational institutions and hospitals simply refer to this position as the surgical technician, operating room technician, or sometimes even just […]